THE FRONTIER HOUSE is looking for a few good settlers...PBS station WNET Decides
to mix "survivor" and "1900" house. Pretend you are a homesteader in some godforsaken
spot in Montana. No TV. No phone. No cars. No electricity. No computers.
No Experience Necessary...

WNET promo copy begins:
Ever wondered what life was really like for pioneers living out in the American
West? Just how did our predecessors fare without so much we now take for
granted? How would we deal with their life today? These are the questions we
hope to answer in our forthcoming series THE FRONTIER HOUSE.

Volunteers are wanted...

Perfect opportunity for adventurous luddites.


LIST: Gifts for Luddites
by Steve Landau, Senior Editor, Amazon.com



Robashing Incident Reported: in "Heel. Sit. Fetch Your Batteries," Personal Business - BACKSLASH by Matt Richtel mrichtel@nytimes.com; Sunday, December 10, 2000, p14, Business. (Dateline San Francisco) full text of the article may be available at nytimes.com, registration or a fee may be required.

Employees at the Sony store here say they are shocked and angered by the recent brutal murder of a beloved companion... the deceased is called an Aibo, a four-legged piece of electronics that resembles a dog and that Sony has programmed to behave like one. Recently a man came into the store, grabbed an Aibo by its hind legs and smashed it repeatedly into the floor...

The article goes on to recount the staff's sorrow. The miscreant apparently went unpunished. What next? Cars slowing at dusk on rural roads as robocanines are pushed out and left behind, the car speeding off as its neglectful driver abandons a once cute technopet?


From SALON.COM: A conversation with T. Coraghessan Boyle The author of "The Tortilla Curtain" and "A Friend of the Earth" describes our barren, condo-filled future. - By Gregory Daurer


Condos are it. We'll be living in condos and drinking our locally brewed sake.
The rain will be lashing at the windows. Mold will be growing on everything. We
will be bereft of almost all animals. And we'll be on the Internet. In some
ways, the Internet is a great boon, because we need virtual reality -- since
there will be no more nature for us animals to live in.


Divorce Your Car! : Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile
by Katie Alvord, Craig Scarborough (Preface), Stephanie Mills.

Our romance with cars, begun with enthusiasm more than 100 years ago, has in fact become a very troubled entanglement. Today┬┤s relationship with the automobile inflicts upon us pollution, noise, congestion, sprawl, big expenses, injury, and even death. Yet we continue to live with cars at a growing cost to ourselves and the environment.

What can people do about this souring affair?--Divorce your car! Re-meet your feet, board a bike, take a train, pull out of this dysfunctional relationship with the automobile! Divorcing your car can take many forms, from simply using it less to not owning one at all. This practical guide shows how divorcing a car can be fun, healthy, money-saving, and helpful to the planet in the process.

Most other transportation reform books emphasize long-range political and economic policy. Divorce Your Car! speaks less about policy and more about realistic actions that individuals can take now to reduce their car-dependence. It encourages readers to change their own driving behavior without waiting for broader social change, stressing that individual action can drive social change.
-- New Society Publishers book description

Also see: Blue Ear Review by James V. Geluso (11/7/00)


Source for "Question Technology" bumperstickers:


From the Simple Living Network, "a unique resource on the world wide web featuring tools and examples for those who are serious about learning to live a more conscious, simple, healthy and restorative lifestyle." It's that simple.

Also available: Live Simply (T-Shirt, Button, Bumpersticker); More Fun, Less Stuff (Button); How To Build Community (Poster); Insatiable Is Not Sustainable (Bumpersticker); Kill Your Television (Bumpersticker); and Television Is Drugs (Bumpersticker).
From MOJOURNAL- More from Paulina Borsook...Cyberselfish Redux * - Reality Check: Meet Cisco Systems, the latest technogiant to illustrate the social hazards of the digital elite's hyper-libertarian ethos. Can we sustain a society in which the wealthiest industries refuse to pay taxes or to be regulated, but insist on government hand-outs?



The Luddite Reader announces the top 12 most luddite films of all time. The list is led by the most luddite film of all time, Godard's 1965 Alphaville, the only film in which the hero actually says, "Technology, hah! Keep it!"