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Looking for the right DVD for that friend with the new player? Want something
you can be sure they don't already have? Here it is:

I Love Maria (David Chung, 1988)
In a just world, this would be a top cult film, shown at midnight in classic
theatres everywhere, running endlessly to demonstrate DVD players in elecronics
and computer stores, and discussed in academia as a postmodern milestone. It’s
an action comedy with a sweet/stupid nature, jaw-dropping robot martial art
balletics, and remarkably literate allusions (including Robocop, the Statue of
Liberty, and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet). The story? A robot-equipped
gang tries to take over the world by breaking just about every law, but chiefly
the law of gravity. However, in this genre everyone breaks the law of gravity
anyway. It turns the Classic Maria concept [ from the 1927 film Metropolis ]
on its head with the bad Maria as a human gang member and the goodMaria
her robot replica, reprogrammed to goodness. The Rotwang figure is called (in
the English subtitles) Big Brother(!). The cops are Keystone. The principal
evil robot seems to have been constructed from auto salvage and to be powered
by steam. The English subtitles also contain some unintended comedy. When one
character is thought dead, the subtitles for another character’s lamentation
note that the deceased is at last relieved of the yolk of life. This is a
movie that will make you happy. Trust us. It’s an undiscovered classic. Get
it. The DVD is a better bargain than the VHS.

Or see the Badmovies Maria page.

But, really, its the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon of robotics.