So Time Really Is Money

(CNN.COM 5/29) Time is money, professor proves

   A mathematical formula calculated by a British university professor
   has found that time actually is money...

Although we must remember that in our country money is speech.
The Supreme Court has ruled it so. So time is speech?

Fat Citi(zens)

(Reuters 5/29) Innovation Behind Americans' Extra Pounds-Study

   Innovation has made America richer but technological improvements in agriculture and
   industry also may be behind the extra padding on its citizens...



If You Read Only One Thing

About our vaunted "global economy," let it be:

The Idea of a Local Economy
by Wendell Berry

Originally in Orion Online, but also reprinted in this month's Harpers (well worth the price):

   ...The "free trade," which from the standpoint of the corporate economy brings
   "unprecedented economic growth," from the standpoint of the land and its local
   populations, and ultimately from the standpoint of the cities, is destruction
   and slavery. Without prosperous local economies, the people have no power, and
   the land has no voice.

The world's life is not deferred gratification, it is now.


Make the Planet Safe for Wall Street

A song for all of us...

All together now:

   Let's distract our populace (repeat)
   From all that's going wrong, oh

   Five thousand are laid off at Sears, (repeat)
   And that is just the start, oh

   Distract the folks from all that's wrong, layoffs at Sears, that's just the start
   Make the planet safe for Wall Street

   We've dumbed down all our public schools (repeat)
   Our kids can't read or write, oh

   Oh don't get sick it costs too much (repeat)
   But we don't want national health, oh

   Dumbed down schools, our kids can't read, and don't get sick, no national health
   Make the world more safe for Wall Street

From Tompaine.com.


Not for U

Lessons Learned at Dot-Com U.

Online Universities -- NOT.

Link found via TechDirt.
Delusional Nader

From Reasononline

Speaking Lies to Power
Ralph Nader fudges the truth just like a real politician.
By Matt Welch

   "Politics, as it is practiced, is the art of having it both ways," he writes, with some
   disgust, on page 8. A year into the Bush presidency he helped deliver, Ralph Nader looks
   very much like he’s practicing politics.

Question: will Ralph receive the medal of freedom from George Bush?

Link found via NewPages.