Finally, some good news about piracy

One of my daughters is 6 and very very interested in Pirates. By chance I discovered
a really GREAT pop-up pirate ship book at Amazon.uk. If you do any gift buying
for young pirates or if you just like really wonderful books, I highly recommend it.


Smile At The Trashcan-looking Thing, Honey

[BBC News 8/20] A robot wedding photographer.

"All right (beep!), look this way, look this way (beep!)..."


Found via Techdirt.com.


Homeland Insecurity

Don't feel too secure yet? A fine article in the September Atlantic Monthly:

"The trick is to remember that technology can't save you," Schneier says. We know this
in our own lives. For real safety we park on nice streets where people notice if somebody
smashes the window. Or we park in garages, where somebody watches the car. In both
cases people are the essential security element. You always build the system around

People, not technology.