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Pass/Fail America

Learning to Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash
March 8, 2003
By Luciana Bohne

An opinon piece about those giant engines of orthodoxy, higher education in America...
...Let me put it succinctly: I don't think serious education is possible in America. Anything
you touch in the annals of knowledge is a foe of this system of commerce and profit, run
amok. The only education that can be permitted is if it acculturates to the status quo, as
happens in the expensive schools, or if it produces people to police and enforce the status
quo, as in the state school where I teach. Significantly, at my school, which is a third-tier
university, servicing working-class, first-generation college graduates who enter lower-echelon
jobs in the civil service, education, or middle management, the favored academic concentrations
are communications, criminal justice, and social work--basically how to mystify, cage, and
control the masses...
But do the Keebler elves rise up?


We'll have none of that here...

Man arrested for 'peace' T-shirt

And the man is a lawyer.

From CNN.com.



A Citizen's Response to the National Security Strategy of the United States of America
...The idea of a government acting alone in preemptive war is inherently undemocratic,
for it does not require or even permit the president to obtain the consent of the governed.
As a policy, this new strategy depends on the acquiescence of a public kept fearful and
ignorant, subject to manipulation by the executive power, and on the compliance of an
intimidated and office dependent legislature. To the extent that a government is secret,
it cannot be democratic or its people free...